And the job hunt begins…

It’s crazy to think that I have a little less than two months until I graduate! After coming to the realization of the approaching date, I have now begun the job hunt.

I think that this is an ideal amount of time to begin looking for jobs. It’s not too early so that being a candidate for a job would impair me due to some jobs needing to hire ASAP., and it’s not too late that I will be off their radar. Now is the right time to get serious in looking for a place to start my post-graduate career.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy at all. I still have classes and homework, an internship, and student government to focus on, amongst other life activities. Finding the time to research the abundance of companies out there hiring will not be easy. Fortunately, I have a good idea about what I want to do – public relations, media marketing, or social media. Also, I have my resume all ready to go for applications. But if finding and applying for jobs is anything like applying for internships, then I’m in for a lengthy process!

I am grateful that UIC offers plenty of opportunities for graduates. The Office of Career Services offers so many great services for students: career fairs, resume reviews, moc-interviews, and plenty plenty more! I have participated in most of these and I can assure you they do help.

Despite being freaked out at first thought about job applications, I take a deep breath and think about all of my assets: plenty of internship experiences, great extra-curricular experiences, and a good academic standing. With all of this mind, I just have to focus, be confident, and rock the job hunt NOW!

Until next time…


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