Fall 2013 Semester in Review

We’ve almost made it through 2013! We’ve sold our books, headed home for break, (hopefully) passed our classes with flying colors, and made plans for break. Now is definitely the time to look back on our stresses and successes in a positive way. Not to turn into a Lifetime movie or anything, but everything we’ve gone through in this past year has shaped us into the student, friend, family member, and individual we are today. What better way to think about how far we’ve come this semester than through the ever-relevant gif?

Every time the bus tracker said the 8 bus was due.

fun fact: about 2 out of 3 gifs in the “running gif” tag are this one


When your professor told the class there wouldn’t be a final.


Every time the cafeteria put out chocolate chip cookies.


Every time you had to hear a student ask the professor something they already answered.


Every time you walked into class to see someone sitting in “your” seat.


When you studied for 16 hours straight and forget everything during the exam.


Every time you did that awkward dance with someone on the sidewalk to get out of each other’s way.


Every time you tried to cross Harrison Street…


Every time you checked your grade on Blackboard.

Sweet mother of god!__________________________________________________

When you saw the remodeled Courtyard and were totally blown away.

I love everything about this gif


When you started getting along with people in your classes.

I’ve never had any real friends.


Every time you tried to navigate BSB.


After you finished rocking your presentation.


Every time you walked to class only to find out it was cancelled. 

This is just not acceptable.


That time the teacher called on you and you blanked in front of the whole class.


When your professor couldn’t get the projector to work.

I ain’t even mad.


That time you found out you had to work the entire weekend.


Every time you couldn’t keep up with your professor as they changed slides.


When people stared at you because you were well-dressed in your 8am class.


That moment you realized you got an A in your hardest class.

Congratulations on making it through 2013! Keep enjoying winter break and the holidays!

Gif source: http://thegiflibrary.tumblr.com/

Spending Christmas Week at Rush

I’m scheduled to work the whole week of Christmas, this includes December 22, 23, 25, 26, 27 9am-6pm (oh and I’m working New Year’s Eve from 5pm-2am…I hope there aren’t too many drunk people -_-). I took December 24 off because every year our family usually celebrates it this day…but turns out my cousin’s family, who hosts it every year (and the other side of their family too on Christmas Day), is having their other family celebration on Christmas Eve (making my family’s Christmas Day…)…so I’m missing out. :( Bad planning on my part I guess (should have just asked them instead of my grandma/brother), but then again I had to submit my holiday requests in October! Crazy we have to work three out of five major holidays, but at the same time that’s what ER doctors/nurses/health workers have to do all the time!

Walking on Maxwell Street

I had to pick up medication from the UIC Pharmacy near my residence hall (MRH). I'm so happy it's so convenient! It's amazing so much happened on this street in the past.

I’m trying to think if this is the first Christmas/New Year’s without my family, and in a way it is…I used to have a best friend in high school and I spent Christmas with her family (but to me, she was family…but not anymore, lol!). Friendships slip, but new ones form. That’s what’s great about the future. There’s a lot of opportunity to meet a lot of great, honest people out there. I’m glad we don’t limit ourselves to our small group of friends and move beyond our comfort zones to reach out with others.

Speaking of which, I attended the second official meeting of the Mental Health and Disability Alliance (MHDA) group on campus! I was unable to make the first meeting in November because I had my molecular biology lab class). I sometimes regret going to new organization meetings because I feel forced to commit more time than I should, but the issues they and other organizations’ bring up are really underrepresented in terms of support, research and interdisciplinary collaboration. I just want to be a part of it! Even if it’s just a small role…every hand can help.

MDHA Meeting Notes and Food

The meeting was a potluck! I haven't had Kimbap in awhile so I was pretty excited to get some there. Lots of ethnic variety! I made my little setup to take notes and search up stuff for the meeting. Super excited to help make things happen!

The week before Christmas, I was cranking out experiments and data like no other. Right after this “Rush” week, I’ll be back to cranking out data. I am going to give a presentation at our lab meeting January 6, and I don’t think I have enough time to do so since I’m going to give a background of the whole study that I’m doing for my Honors Capstone research project (to be written at least by the end of the semester, but starting that sooner is always better). Can’t wait to cram-read those scholarly articles/journals! XD I’ll probably spend a nice long weekend doing so…

Housing Graphics Door Decorations

Emily, who's leaving us to study abroad in London next semester, made these cute decorations on our door! Every month someone changes the graphics to something. Last month was a bunch of mustaches (for No Shave November, I guess). I'm a penguin, although the bears are so much cuter.

My MCAT restudying is totally suffering right now. I get back to my room about 5-6pm. I eat dinner and watch TV (the devil) and that can go from 6-7 or 6-9!!! T___T I’m always super exhausted from my day doing whatever it is (research, work, scribing, attending meetings) and can’t find the motivation to work. I should probably dedicate my daytime to studying, but then I can’t do the other stuff. I could try and do the 5pm-2am shifts more often, but then I can’t wake up until like 10-11am (that’s if I’m diligent)! I need someone to slap me because otherwise things won’t be looking so good for me. Any suggestions dear friends?

Snowman of MRH

Would you look at that! A snowman in the courtyard of MRH. So cute.

Enjoy your Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate! Enjoy the pretty snow! :D


Christmas is a time when family and friends gather together and share gifts and food.  Some people dread it, while others love it.  I have always loved Christmas because I have a very special tradition with my immediate family.

When my brothers and I were little, I remember waking my parents up at 5 AM so that I could go downstairs to see what Santa brought me.  They weren’t thrilled but I believe they did get up.  That year I got a HUGE dollhouse.  It was the best.

Now, we’re grown up and our tradition has moved to Christmas Eve, for obvious reasons.  We (and by we, I mean my dad and brothers) prepare a huge steak and lobster dinner while we all drink champagne.

We eat WAY too much, open presents from each other, and we play games.  That’s why it’s my favorite time of the year.

But as I am preparing for the giving of those gifts, I have gone out daily looking for the right gifts and gift bags.  And I can’t help but notice that people out there driving and in stores can be so rude.  I don’t know.  I guess I just thought that given the message that this holiday is supposed to be about, that people would be kinder to each other.  I know that I look at myself during this season and how I can change to be a better person.  I always give a lot of thought about what I give.  I try to let people in my lane while driving, I always smile and say “Thank you” to the person behind the register checking me out, not just because that’s what you should do but because you have no idea how many rude customers they’ve probably dealt with all day.  A simple smile and “Thank you” could mean the world.

Do you remember the days and weeks and even months after September 11, 2001? Yes.  I remember that horrible events that happened that day.  But I also remember how kind perfect strangers were to each other.  People behind the wheel were considerate of their fellow drivers.  We were united, and we treated each other with love.  My question is, why didn’t that last long?  Why did we revert back to being rude and inconsiderate?

I guess this time of year I expect people to be nicer to each other because it’s the holidays.  So, next time you see someone trying to turn or get in your lane while driving, take the 10 second delay and let them in.  When you’re in line waiting to check out at a store, don’t forget to say “Hi, how are you?” and “Thank you” to the person behind the register. Hold doors open, help people carry bags to their car, and tell your family and friends that you love them. Because THAT is what Christmas is about.

One of my favorite Christmas books is The Grinch by Dr. Suess because it is about a nasty creature who hates the Who’s, who rejected him when he was young sending him into a life of seclusion.  The Who’s love Christmas and the Grinch wants to take that away.  When he waits for the cries from the Who’s that their presents, food and Christmas trees are all gone, he hears something else: singing.  “Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.  What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” If the Grinch can change, so can we.

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.  Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be.”

Have a safe holiday and Merry Christmas!

Brace yourselves…winter (break) is coming!

♪♫♪ Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember…

I numbly left SES after my organic chemistry 1 final on Thursday morning. It was absolutely frigid outside, but it didn’t stop many of my classmates to linger outside the building doors to commiserate over the terribly treacherous exam through murmurs of disdain, worry, and even indignation. Despite my own concerns over the final exam, I defaulted to my typical coping mechanism, which is generally a mindset of optimism.There’s nothing I can do to change anything about it now, so being negative about the situation would only depress me further. I try to combat my worries with some blind hope instead. Maybe it’s a bit foolish sometimes not to worry more, but I did the best I could and in my heart I believe that everything will be okay in the end. As one of my best friends often asks me when I’m anxious about something, “What’s the worse that can happen?”

That being said, I am so thankful for my wonderful friends who listened to me worry my mind out over organic chemistry this past week! They were my lifeline when I felt like the brain matter was seeping from my ears, so I am forever grateful that I have them in my life! So with that final hill climbed and (maybe) conquered, I can finally relax for winter break! Because my finals didn’t end until Friday, I’ve been a little frazzled trying to completely prepare and pack for going to Taiwan and Japan for 3 weeks! It’s incredible to think that I’ll be in Tokyo in less than a week…but I’m so excited! My mom, brother, and I will be staying a week with my aunt in Japan and then 2.5 weeks more in Taiwan with my grandma. Everything has been really busy around the house with everyone packing, but I’m just getting more and more excited. I have never been to Asia in the wintertime before- whenever I traveled to Japan or Taiwan in the past, there was always sweltering heat in the spring or summer. But I’m excited to finally be there in the winter for once! It can’t be as cold as it is in Chicago, right?

Stay warm, friends – the cold and the snow don’t seem to be letting up, so remember to stay safe this winter break! I’ve never been too fond of the cold, but with things like Christmas lights, holiday songs, and hot cocoa, I guess I don’t really mind!

Far away, long ago, glowing dim as an ember / Things my heart used to know,, things it yearns to remember / And a song someone sings once upon a December… ♪♫♪

(Once Upon A December - Liz Callaway)

When sickness strikes…

I will do anything to keep from getting sick, especially during the school year. I hide from someone the minute I suspect they have a cold. Even though I freak out about this all of the time, I seem to be the one to always get sick, and at the worst times. The weekend before my 21st birthday back in October, I caught the absolute worst, flu-like illness that kept me in bed for days and left me incessantly coughing on my birthday (and not amused at all).

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid getting sick again since then, but that just meant it was only a matter of time until it hit me hard. Leave it to my body to pick the best possible time to get mind-blowingingly sick- finals week.

This round of finals is my fifth in college, and as an English major, I’ve always had a lot of papers to complete and very few finals to study for. I took two Communications and two Management classes this semester, and for each of the classes, there was a final. I needed to study really hard for the finals, and I planned out how and when I would study for them the week before and the week of finals. Monday night, I came down with some miserable stomach-flu like illness, putting me out of commission the rest of the night and well into Thursday. Unfortunately, I had a final Wednesday, which I dragged myself to, despite not feeling nearly well enough prepared since I had been too sick to study for days. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in bed. I finally felt almost 100% better Thursday night, which was conveniently time to study for my last and hardest exam. Even though I’m better now, that was definitely the hardest finals week I’ve been through.

Getting sick in college is a lot harder than getting sick when you’re younger (for many obvious reasons). The biggest thing is being on your own/without your mom or family to help you. This is especially annoying and sad when the remote is on the other side of the room or you want an extra blanket. It’s even worse when you need some soup or someone to check your temperature. This is where I’d say it’s alright to call in the reinforcements; in fact, I recommend getting someone to help you or bring you over what you need. I did what I could for myself, but by the second day, I was calling my boyfriend, asking him to drop off ginger ale. Remember that it’s OK to ask for help; being sick and needing an extra hand isn’t weakness. Everyone gets sick and it can be hard to manage everything on your own.

As always, make sure to get enough sleep when you’re sick. Resting was my saving grace this week. It was the only thing that helped me to feel better, and it even helped me to feel a lot better about finals. Getting sick in college may seem lonely or difficult, but the most important thing to do to get through it is to rest. Similarly, constantly drinking liquids is important. I knew I had to regulate my own liquid intake, which is something my mom would have a hand in when I used to get sick at home. Since I had to get up to pour my own drink from the fridge, I was aware of how much I was drinking.

It’s true-getting sick when you’re in college is tough. But the minute you get over that illlness, you feel even more independent than before. Make sure you are taking time for yourself, and if you are sick, rest, drink liquids, and eat right (do that always, anyways!) Here’s to feeling 100%!

It won’t stop

There are many times that I wish for a break, like post-graduation type of break (but with a duration of forever, so more like paradise than a break). At the same time, I don’t think it’d be as rewarding than what I am doing now. If the only purpose is to treat myself, count me out. I just can’t. I’ve already been taken care of a plenty when I was a little kid scrambling for my mom to help me with just about everything regarding health. As for the brain work, I’d look to my brother while he played all his video games and did amazing on every standardized exam. My dad is my fish-loving outlet and artistic experience.

Post-finals Dinner

My boyfriend made the most amazing dinner for me! I haven't been eating out for the past month, and for good reason (I like to know what's going in my food in case I have an allergy reaction). Chicken, rice, broccoli and some cream of mushroom soup poured onto the rice. Yummy! Just what I need.

So, what have I got planned? Well, right after I had my last final exam Thursday, I went to work at Rush from 5pm-2am, and then the next day I had my research paper due for BIOS 323 (Molecular Biology Lab) and thank GOODNESS I finished that earlier in the week because I could not get up until 11am, by which then I was scrambling to place my text and figures in the template my instructor wanted us to have. Luckily I have the user-friendly Word (not the new one…I really don’t like Windows 8 related-stuff, but there’s no way I’m ever getting a Mac!). I’ll stick with my 5-year-old netbook for the coming year…maybe if I go to medical school I’ll get something with more power (and I am still proud to say my little Dell netbook can run Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with ease and happiness). That same day I turned in my paper, I worked another 5pm-2am shift (more like 5pm-3am because I did not get out on time!). The weekend following, I just recovered from minimal sleep and then got back on track with cleaning my room.

What to do with all of these notes and exams? Well, here’s the most common answer:

  1. Toss it in the recycling bin. If you think the material is useless, or if you think it’s something you could just Google in the future…more likely than not you’re going to toss it (in the recycling bin yeah yeah?). I do this for notes that I don’t think I’ll ever really need, and if I do I’ll just look it up.
  2. Store it in a box/container for be forever cherished (haha…)I always keep my exams, quizzes and homework (as evidence for my work in a class, if ever I need to prove so…or for papers that I’m really proud of and got good comments). I usually have my notes in binders, so I just stick the entire binder containing everything into a box or container…it’s like a time capsule! To enjoy or not to enjoy for the future…
  3. Let someone borrow your stuff, or you can sell it. I’m not a fan of selling, but when I think about how much they can help someone succeed…I resort to letting people borrow my stuff. I don’t want to make money off of it, although that’s probably the most economic and beneficial. Meh! You all do what you want to do. (:
Organizing Notes

I was busy cleaning up my stacks of paper and binders full of information from my classes this past weekend. It was frustrating at first, but man do I love a clean and organized room! The less clutter, the better! Time to vacuum...

Anyway, what’s up for this winter break? DING DING DING! Restudying for that MCAT! I signed up for March 22, which is the first day of spring break. I hope I don’t have to move it, so I really need to be diligent about this. I am also going to be working at Rush literally the whole week of Christmas, and the rest of the time that I have (which is 50% or more) is dedicated to research! After taking molecular biology lab, I really appreciate research even more and want to be as in-depth as I can with what I’ve been working on the past three-four years in the lab. I am excited to be completing my Honors Capstone and presenting it at the UIC Forum (and other places) in the spring! :D I always wanted to present, but they always held it during class time (and I really hate missing class…).

Beyond all that, I hope to brush up on my Polish and work on planning events for my pre-medical club. I’m also helping to start the first Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Journal at UIC! If anyone is interested, feel free to hit me up.

I hope I can go back home for Christmas, but we’ll see! I can’t believe I’m going to submit my intent to graduate soon (unless all of my professors decide to fail me, then maybe not LOL). For those who are thinking about graduating early (even two years early), think deeply about it. This is probably the only time you can study what you want to and make your own schedule. Beyond college, you’ll be on a tumbling wheel that won’t ever stop.

(Did I mention I am really digging “It Won’t Stop” by Sevyn Streeter featuring Chris Brown?) LOVE!

Four Winds

On December 3rd, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  We decided not to get each other gifts and go away for a weekend instead.  After his parents visited Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan, they were raving about it.

The only problem was that on weekends, it could be $300 a night!! Woah Nelly! I was never really a big gambler and since gambling to me is more of losing money than trying to win money, the idea of paying that much was unimaginable.  I ended up being asked to work the night we would go anyways.  But the more I thought about it, I REALLY wanted to go. Turns out, Tuesday nights are the only nights during the week that the resort hotel is $100.  We were both able to get off of work for Wednesday and we booked our little getaway.

Aside from having to drive there after work and realizing there is a time change and we lost an hour, everything was perfect.  The resort is located right after the Indiana/Michigan border.  When our GPS said we were there, we still had a mile of winding road to drive until we arrived in front. With complimentary valet, we immediately went to check in.
Kyle brought some champagne and snacks and everything was just perfect.  We listened to music while we got ready and headed for the casino.  We ended up running into his grandparents there.  Small world! The next morning, I did NOT want to get up to check out by 11 AM.  Who made check out times so early?
After we checked out, they were very nice and kept our bags at the front desk so we could spend more time there.  I ended up winning some money on the Micheal Jackson and Sex and the City slots.  I only play slots because I am too scared to go to a table!
I really had a great time with him and felt very lucky we had the opportunity to go there.  I feel even more lucky everyday that I have him in my life.  Happy 3 years Kyle! Love you!

Looking forward

♪♫♪ The night is gonna fall and the vultures will surround you / And when you’re lookin’ in the mirror, what you see is gon’ astound you…

If you are a UIC student reading this…congratulations! I am currently writing this in a sleep-deprived and harried state of studying, but by the time this blog is posted, everyone will have hopefully finished their final exams! No matter how worried you may be about how you did or your final grades, just take a second and recognize everything you have accomplished this semester. Take pride in the work and time that you have put in these past 16 weeks – it’s been long and it hasn’t been easy, but you made it.

I know that I have learned a lot and not just from classes. I still sometimes with I could go back and re-do the semester by changing many things and correcting all of the mistakes that I made as a student, Peer Mentor, and friend – but I know that making those mistakes has taught me how to improve myself and be better. It hasn’t been an easy semester for me, but I think I finally have a grasp on how to balance my time to be both the best and most well-rounded person I can be. Instead of being caught up on what I wish I did differently or what I can’t change, I want to focus more attention on what I will change and improve for next semester and years to come. Specifically, I want to get better at planning ahead and staying on top of things to get the grades I want – time management has really helped with that – and remembering all the little things that I treasure and don’t want to see sacrificed because I’m so busy all the time.

  • For instance, I want to always make time to call my parents and my brother regularly, even if I don’t really have much to say except to tell them that I love them.
  • I want to keep learning new songs on the piano and then play them for the residents at Rush University Medical Center, where I volunteer as a student musician weekly. With that, I also want to pick up the guitar again and try learning some new chords other than the small handful I know now.
  • I want to journal and write again – blogging for UIC has actually helped re-kindle this – because free-writing helps me express the worries and frustrations as well as the excitement and hope that I unconsciously keep bottled up otherwise.
  • I want to step up my workouts and be more healthy and fit than ever before. I really honed my running during freshmen year, and now I want to add more lifting to my workouts as well. It might be hard, but I hope to always carve out an hour a day for a good workout!
  • And of course I want to go out with my friends more. It’s been ages since I simply went to see a movie at the theater with a friend, which is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve missed a lot of great movies I wanted to see this semester but I hope to watch them all soon.

I want all of these things, and I fully intend to see that they happen! No matter what I do, I want to do it with heart, because that’s the only way that I will find the result meaningful.

Now there’s an entire winter break ahead of us! Make some plans for yourself to enjoy the holidays and spend time with your loved ones. I myself am so excited because I will be visiting my relatives in Japan and Taiwan for the entirety of break! It’s been 5 years since I last saw them, so I can’t wait to see them, especially my grandma. I have missed her so much!

Congratulations again, everyone! Happy holidays and enjoy your time off! You deserve it.

But all these lines and greys refine, they are the maps of our design / Of what began on a Monday morning… ♪♫♪

(Monday Morning – Death Cab for Cutie)

Making the most out of break

Somehow, fall semester has crept past us and winter break is upon us. I’m not sure if I am happier to see this break than I am terrified that I only have three more semesters here. Before the new semester begins, we are lucky enough to have a month-long break to relax and renew ourselves before another stressful (and fun) semester. It’s important to make the absolute most out of your time off from school so that you return with a clear head and the feeling that you have accomplished more than just finishing a tv series and countless bags of chips. Here are some tips on how to get everything you want (and then some) from your winter break.

1. Write it down! Before break starts (or in the first few days) compile a list of things you want to accomplish. It doesn’t matter how random or specific your list is- as long as it is comprised of things you hope to get done over break, it works! With an actual list, you will be more capable of holding yourself accountable. Plus, you get that awesome feeling of checking or crossing something off of your list! You can also add to it throughout the month.

2. Set a sleep schedule. Your body functions its best and you feel the most rested when you are on a fairly regular sleeping schedule. Set this early in the semester and try to stick as close to it as possible for the duration of the break. This will help you have a more productive sleep (REM!) and will keep you feeling more refreshed than if you are staying up into the wee hours of the night and sleeping well into the next afternoon. The best part about a routine sleep schedule is the hours in the day that you get to spend awake. This will give you even more time to enjoy!

3. Connect with friends and family. Whether you haven’t seen your friends from home since the summer or you’ve been skipping out on sibling time, make it a point to restore these relationships over the holiday season. This is the perfect season for strengthening bonds. Don’t just make tentative plans- follow through with them. It’s important to incorporate quality time with your loved times as much as possible.

4. Remind yourself of the things you enjoy. During the academic year, we all have a tendency to let go of certain things we enjoy in order to succeed in school or focus on what we deem important. Our hobbies and favorite activities aren’t meant to be forgotten. Pick these things back up- whether it’s playing an instrument, crafting, or exercising. The more committed you become over break to give yourself time for the things you find happiness in, the more likely you are to carry this into the second semester.

5. Read! I’m not just saying this as an avid reader and English major. Reading is a great form of stress relief, a temporary escape from reality, and a way to sharpen your brain. Even if you’ve never enjoyed reading in the past, take some time to look into what genre you would enjoy. No matter what, give it another chance.

6. Breathe. It’s so easy to forget to stop, relax, and take in the world around you. Take the month to do just that. Look outside the window. Take a walk around the city. Watch one snowflake fall all the way to the ground. You’ll be reminded how special life is.

Above all else, enjoy break in your own unique way. Before we know it, we’ll be back at UIC working through another semester. Have a great time off! Until next time.

Upgrade to beast mode

I had my third lecture exam for anatomy and physiology this past Friday and it was the first time in a long time I “prepped” over the course of the week rather than cramming it all in my brain the day before. While it was nice keeping that pace, I felt like I was more effective cramming than I was taking it day-by-day. Perhaps I really don’t have much space in my short-term memory to keep what I knew only a few days ago, and even though I review it, I only get to do so in the evening when I’m dead tired from my day! I wake up around 7am or 8 am to get to my part-time jobs or classes and then stay out on campus until maybe 5-6pm, which then I come back to shower, eat a little bit and suddenly it’s 7-8pm and I probably study well until 10pm when I’m deciding in the back of my head “hey maybe I should go brush my teeth and sleep soon…”

My normal answer/instinct to that is “NO. NEED TO STUDY.” But, that only kicks in the day before an exam…so not having to do that for this one as an “experiment” (this is not at all the time to experiment, please freshmen, figure out how you best study before you enter your sophomore year) made me neglect studying the night before my exam (I studied, but not beast mode study) like I normally do (and now I regret it). I decided to sleep the night early before the exam just so I could have a good brain to use in the morning (but clearly depriving my brain of sleep makes it work well, to a point). I figured waking up early to study would be sufficient, but I definitely couldn’t get out of my nice warm bed to the cold air that awaited me. Winter is not a fun time to take exams.

And hey, this is what finals week is about–seeing if you really learned anything (regardless of material because people forget that until they’ve been exposed in 15 different ways, or so they say). Even though I inherently knew that I could push myself more, I decided to sleep and hope for the best. Note to self: NEVER HOPE FOR THE BEST. Prepare for the worst (and that’s how we succeed). When it comes to this competitive scene in academia, making yourself adaptable to conditions and creating every mechanism possible to ensure your safety is crucial to success. Pessimism is actually a good thing (because it motivates you more). While most people are motivated by the positives, I’d say inherently we’re motivated by the negatives. “If I don’t do this, then this, this and this will happen” (or the opposite: If I do this, then this, this and this will happen).

Where my psychology majors at? You’ve got some explainin’ to do.

Good luck UIC! This fall semester is basically over. You can be happy that you survived and happy that you’ll be alive to survive the next one. (:

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